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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Pandora Potpourri

A Few Thoughts for Today:

Incarceration of males varies in direct proportion to their certitude that no one gives a damn whether they thrive or perish. Upon an arrest, the necessary documents and court proceedings serve to substantiate the individual' reality and can materialize for a rare moment that larger society may actually seem to seriously care.


I wish to thank those in Congress who in the tax law recently passed demonstrated resolute interest in the financial health of the alcohol beverage industry (business ipso facto is always virtuous and good and always silo in the event of a rare and unlikely untoward consequence). To get real for a moment, may the consequent widespread effects of broken lives and piercing, painful shards of thought--certain to ensue--haunt the legislators' dreams (and consciences?)  and those also of their children--generation upon generation-- until the full perfidy of their proud, victorious, and flaunted political prescience is fully deflated by the dried blood of fact.


For those Republicans with whom I am personally acquainted that have religiously kept fealty to Donald Trump and his never-ending loyalty to Putin and all his ways, I relate that two long-time good and caring friends of mine could not worship in Russia since they are Jehovah Witnesses.  I want you dwell on this fact and all it implies until you are dead-sure you are totally fine with it.

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