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Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Canker Core of Cynicism

Readers who are conversant in legal matters will have to forgive me, but today I wish to sketch out what I take to be our justice system’ s great insight into human ideation.  The basic wisdom is that it is hopeless to assume human dispassion when great matters of personal interest are at stake.   If, for example, I am on trial and the consequence of my side losing would be 25 years in prison with no chance of parole, then you can be certain that I will yearn for legal representation that can readily morph into the opposition’s worst nightmare of a pit bull.

Now this system that frankly takes into consideration the inevitable passionate nature of self-interest works tolerably well.  Yet a two-year-old toddler can readily see how to blow up the whole thing—just let either or both parties funnel payoff money (bribes) to the judge or jury.

Well, that’s pretty much the fatal flaw in our legislation system.  No reasonable person can expect a lobbyist to be completely fair and impartial. They will be pursuing the agenda for the interest they represent.  Better outcomes may well depend upon multiple interests competing with one another in their best, most cogent presentations.  But the whole exercise becomes mere pretense when payolla blankets the capitol floor like knee-deep feces scattered forth from prolific hordes of scurrying rats.  To the extent that legislative bodies function like compromised kangaroo courts on the take, deep cynicism of political decisions is inevitable.  But be assured, however …….a bomb is ticking.

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