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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Dunce Cap of Prejudice

Those who proselytize prejudice never seem to count the costs of prejudice:

Some would argue that the infliction of pain and suffering represents the greatest evil of prejudice.  This pain socially and individually has three dimensions--physical, mental, and spiritual (all moral considerations).   This fallout of prejudice when empathy is present can arouse widespread sadness.

But as a true American I must admit it is the impracticality of prejudice that drives me bonkers.  The very idea that we would write off even one individual as having nothing to offer--except as conforms to our sick fantasies--boggles the mind as to its utter stupidity and impracticality.  Let us say that we are in a bad way and in desperate need for insight; say, how to get unstuck from (fill in the blank).  Certainly the society that has assiduously cultivated to the maximum extent possible its entire inventory of human talent, encouraged a can-do spirit of hope and optimism, has manifested a readiness to share and receive, and knows from experience the satisfaction of shared participation and accomplishment—such a society is surely much less likely to stay stuck in the mud.

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