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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why Call Me Good?

It is clear to me that the greatest contumely Donald Trump could possibly heap on anyone is for him to call them “a good man.”  (This would include the more inclusive phrase “a good person.”)  A similar concept describes people who are called “the salt of the earth.”   These monikers refer to persons willing to take detours to assist in lightening the load of others.  They add seasoning to life because goodwill is fundamental to fostering a nurturing and cohesive environment. 

A contrary view is that all goodwill is at base fraudulent.   By definition, humans (assuming they have the requisite guts) relentlessly pursue selfish interests at whatever cost to others.  There is the belief in fact that if one doesn’t fuck over others, then one lacks integrity and cannot be truly effective or successful.  Thus, the concepts “integrity”, “effectiveness”, and “success” are perverted to entail antisocial thoughts and actions.  This twisting of social norms and meanings reaches its nadir in the concept “law and order.”  Law and order in this inverse realm loses its function as a potent balm derived from a broad social contract and comity and becomes instead the lethal bludgeon of fanatical bullies. 


When the last nerve of a gentle lady is bludgeoned by bullies:

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