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Saturday, January 14, 2017

For My Honest Friend

From the beginning it is likely humanity has perceived measures of intuitive insight that have or seem to have an external source lying beyond native thought processes or generation. For example, I may be completely baffled by a problem and have no idea as how to solve it. Suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, the answer comes. The "external feeling" of this phenomena is such that out of integrity I decline to take full ownership of the idea myself but attribute it in significant measure to a power which is beyond me. Because of the episode's striking positive characteristics, I perceive it as loving gift in harmony with an abundance of good things outside my creation or control. This sense of abiding loving benevolence can apply to multiple decisions prompting me to travel down specific paths in more elaborate intuitive-driven undertakings.

Many have described such felt benevolence as the nurture of a Heavenly Father or God. Others insist that such attributions are meaningless and unjustified being completely idiosyncratic and subjective. A father may be associated with kindness by some and cruelty by others. They affirm that conclusions based upon subjective analogy get us nowhere and provide no objective and verifiable data whatever necessary for accurate and helpful analysis. In my view, we are dealing at base with the nature and sources of creativity. May the Force illumine our paths to understanding.

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