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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sure-Fire Fomenter of Revolution

If some bully were to come to where you live and ruin three resources you use in making a living, what three would they be? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 357). 

Well I'm retired now, so I don't need to "make a living." However there are three things that are essential for my enjoying daily life as I have come to know it. These are: my daily devotional material, the Scriptures, and writing tools comprised in main of computer resources. 50 years ago I had writing skills, but had no clue as to how the future would incorporate tools that effectively upended the onerous obstacles of composition familiar to all antiquated souls, including the numbing chores of "typesetting", information search, and maintenance of correct spelling. I often think the surest way to foment full-fledged revolution today would be to play the bully and take away computers replacing them by fiat with typewriters and tomes of reference books.

My devotional material and the Scriptures are essential to anchor my daily life and provide reference points both near and long-term. Near-term I need faithful indicators of ambience; long-term I need stable directional focus. The short-term benefit obtained is the recognition of spiritual chords and meanings, especially alerts as to discordant ones; the long-term benefit is surefootedness in penultimate purpose.

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