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Saturday, July 27, 2013

On the Inerrancy of Scripture

There is a sense in which I believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, yet my faith does not nor ever shall depend upon Biblical inerrancy. I do not worship the Bible, it is not my God; It not for me an idol. Jesus is my Savior not only for what he said but importantly for what he did—not only at the crucifixion but throughout his ministry. I look to the Bible daily for insight in how best to follow Jesus. I do not claim to have correctly interpreted every jot and tittle in the Bible, nor do I trust any human being to do so. In a sense I suppose it comes down to this in the end—why is the inerrancy of the Bible so important when no human has the capacity to inerrantly interpret it? And this is certainly no small matter, for the Bible has been used to justify great atrocities even in my own country’s history. Too often strident defences of Biblical inerrancy come from the lips of those certain of their own inerrancy—a dangerous and fundamental lapse in Biblical understanding from my point of view.

How would I talk with my son (an honors “of course” Christian high school student straight out of a life sciences class dealing with reproduction) who has some doubts about the virgin birth? He has learned of Jesus and been a follower of Jesus from his earliest days. I would say “Son, it is essential that you follow Jesus always and know that he is the Son of God and that He is your pathway to abundant life and true freedom. Is the virgin birth of Jesus necessary for you to believe that He is the 'the way, and the truth, and the life?'” “No father,” he answers, “that question has never bothered me.” “Then, son, don’t let it bother you now.”

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