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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Sword of the State – A Beautiful Thing

This week in America has been one of tension as the perpetrators of the Boston bombings were sought. The public assisted in bringing closure by supplying information and support. The state used its resources—including the sword of the state—to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In America we have an ongoing debate as to the proper role of individuals in law enforcement. Many hold that the 2nd Amendment relegates law enforcement to individuals—they are literally assigned the duty to become the sword of the state and determine and effect justice individually.

It is my firm belief that this was never intended by the 2nd Amendment which was directed at providing for a state militia. It is something else again when a militia is morphed through misguided individualism into vigilante justice.

Thank goodness we did not see vigilante justice at work this week in America. The sword of the state performed with awesomeness and beauty to effect its proper role as arbiter of justice. How sad it would have been had we been witness to a spectacle of individuals roving about taking justice into their own hands. As the state must assume its role with humility and grace, so also must the citizens of the United States. Civil justice is an inherently social product best realized though the God-given institution of righteous government.

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