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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When Panic Sets In

Have you ever misplaced something only to discover it “right under your noise”? What and where was it? Why did you fail to see it right away? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, pp 1017-8).

The item I am most likely to misplace is my glasses. I have several set locations I usually place them upon removing them—either on the dresser top or on my desk. Lord help me if I ever put them somewhere else where I do not habitually place them. I will look for them in the usual locations, and when not there panic sets in. I know only too well that I can (when it is time to go to work) spend valuable minutes looking for them with the desperate thought that I may not find them at all. I am then way out of my comfort zone.

This is an example of how comfort zones based upon habitual behavior normally assist us, yet can be limiting. The obvious benefits of habitual behavior can carry with it the downside risk that possible better options remain forever unexplored. I am an inveterate “homebody”. I love where I live and venture out elsewhere only after struggling with this tendency towards comfortable inertia. But like our visit last week in the mountains of Georgia, it can be deeply restorative of spirit to venture out every now and then and get fresh perspectives. My prayer today is that I learn to panic less when I sense the boat I'm on is pushing off shore—may I then have the presence of mind to replace the familiar comforts of habit with abiding faith.

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