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Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Be, Period.

I’m not much for Hamlets—“To be or not to be’s.”  I much prefer those who are not conflicted. (Conflicted defined: “ambivalent: confused or ambivalent because of competing desires, possibilities, or impulses” Encarta Dictionary.)  A good example is the Mayor of Saint Petersburg who I voted for, Bill Foster.  He is committed, not conflicted.  He is confident of his love for the community and trusts his judgment to reflect this clear, blue flame of spirit and goodwill.  The present governor of Florida, a man I did not vote for, is firm and above board with his agenda.  I may vote against him again next time based on his policies, but I like him as a man for he is full out determined “to be.”  Think of our Presidents.  Without exception, those we think of as great were non-conflicted personalities.  They were strong, sure, confident, and determined.  Jimmy Carter, whom I voted for and loved, nevertheless appeared as conflicted—sometimes unfairly.  This appearance of ambivalence prevented him from having a second term.  And this preference for no ambiguity applies not only to politics but others areas as well—religion, medicine, business, education.  In all these areas, I gravitate towards those who have quiet confidence and firmness of step.  The area where this preference for non-conflicted persons doesn’t apply is when the unambiguity is downright and unquestionably evil.  For example I greatly would have wished the Nazi leadership had been more conflicted regarding their beliefs and subsequent policies.  I wish they had been conflicted to the point of inaction. In religion those who show great ill will towards people with different beliefs is where more inner ambiguity would do some good.  I have always preferred professors who profess—who have theories they can support and believe in.  In medicine and business as well, I appreciate the capable assurance of professionals.  In sum, for all those with hatred and ill will in their hearts, my hope is they will be cursed with incapacitating conflict leading to new insight and eventually repentance and freedom.  For those following the disciplines of love already, proceed directly ahead with all your might till kingdom come.

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